Frequently asked questions
How do I put the picture under the plastic?

To mount the picture, just pry up one of the gold nails with a pocket knife blade.  Then if you lift the plastic a little, it should loosen up the other nails and they'll be easy to remove.  Trim the picture to fit under the plastic (you can use the plastic as a template).  Align the photo and the plastic and push a nail through the top left corner hole, place the nail back in the original hole, and then do the same with the other nails.  Tap the nails down firmly and admire your work.

Is there a way to make corrections without ordering a new plaque?

Use the Contact form to explain what you need.  We'll make a new, corrected plate and mail it back to you with instructions on how to replace the old one.

How do I remove a nameplate from my plaque?

Here’s how we do it:  Slide a small piece of paper under each of the four notches to protect the gold plate underneath.  Slide a pocketknife blade under the right side (I even use paper under my knife blade), hold down the left side, and lift from the right until the plate bends.  Once it is bent and you can get a good grip, pull straight up to remove it.  Pulling up helps prevent the notched corners from scratching  the gold plate.  If it does get scratched, let us know and we can send a replacement.

How do I order nameplates to update my perpetual plaque?

Use the Perpetual Plaque Order Form to submit your contact information and the list of names and dates for the nameplates.  Skip the payment options - the nameplates and engraving were included in the purchase price of the plaque.  We do charge a little for postage, but we'll keep track until it totals a few dollars and then you'll see an invoice with your next order.

Where can I get a blank order form?

Click here for a PDF order form.

Can I pick up my plaques if I live in the area?

Indicate in the Special Instructions box that you'd like to pick up your order and we'll contact you when it is ready.  Choose the Bill my Ward payment option because the credit card order automatically adds shipping to your order.

How do I set up an account for my Ward?

Use the Contact form to send us a message - we'll be in touch to get the information we need.  Thanks!

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"Boise Engraving does such a wonderful job getting each order correct and taking great care in packaging for shipping. All of our orders have arrived quickly and in perfect condition, ready for display."
Chris M. - San Diego, CA

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